Revenue Cycle Management

Our billing team handles data entry of patient demographics, daily charges, credits and daily balancing of bank transactions. We prepare and mail patient statements and handle all insurance claim submissions.  Claims are processed daily with more than 95% of the claims being sent electronically. In the event of a claim being denied, we’ll work along side you to make sure you receive the revenue appropriate for the service.  We help your practice improve both turn around time and cash flow.

Patient Scheduling

Our scheduler offers flexible setup guidelines for the practice. The individual schedules for multiple providers within the practice can be different based on the individual provider’s guidelines. Utilization of drop down boxes offers the practice a wide variety of alternatives for scheduling. Tracking of patient missed appointments and ability to securely retrieve the schedule from outside the office if needed are some features.

Procedure & Diagnosis Coding Services

Our staff is trained in coding and our appeal department works diligently on resolving issues that revolve around coding & reimbursement of a denied claim. Our licensed coding professionals are experts in Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Disease (ICD-9)  and the rules that govern them. We work with your practice to help determine appropriate levels of coding to maximize your reimbursement.

Accounts Receivable Review & Solutions

Our staff works diligently to assure that the practice is receiving the maximum amount for services performed. Financial arrangement with patients, their families, and third party carriers are all reviewed with you before final approval or denial is given. Each Explanation of Payment is reviewed for accuracy and proper payment.  Telephone, written, and if required personal appeals are part of the weekly routine of our team. We provide monthly statistical reports that include charges & receipts and breakdown of all codes.

Practice Management Consultation

Is your practice running in top shape?  We can provide a detailed review to help you know for sure. We’ll help you make sure you’re billing for all your services (no more – no less).  We’ll review your documentation to make sure it adequately supports your level of billing. We’ll provide you with a key findings and recommendations detailing the actions to take to help your practice more efficiently.

Provider Credentialing

We offer new practice set-up to ensure that the physicians have the appropriate affiliation with the insurance carriers of their choice. We maintain these files to make certain that there is never a lapse between the insurance carrier and the physician’s participation.

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